Refund Policy

Last updated and effective: November 3, 2023, 7:52 PM PST

We ("Bleed", "Bleed Bot", "us", "our") have a strict policy on refunds and will deny you for any refund request for one of the following reasons listed.

No refunds will be issued if:

  • You elude a ban or blacklist issued by using alternative accounts or sending other individuals to make a payment on your behalf without disclosing it.
  • You have sent the payment and have broke any rule in our Community Discord Server after sending payment.
  • You are being disrespectful to Bleed itself or Bleed developers along with moderators or any support team.
  • A purchase has already been made for a server that you made again (another server will be whitelisted).
  • A command or any other feature has been used by you or any of your server members.
  • A full 24 hour cycle has progressed since the purchase by you.
  • You are a blacklisted user across all of our services.
  • You have malicious intentions with your refund.
  • You are forging or hiding details.

Changes to the Refund Policy

We can update these terms at any time without notice. Continuing to use our services after any changes will mean that you agree with these terms and violation of our terms of service could result in a permanent ban across all of our services.